Your First Pool Fence – What to Consider

Your First Pool Fence – What to Consider

With the onus now on Pool Owners to be legally compliant with Pool Fencing Laws, I constantly see the pit falls many experience brought about byan urgency to complete the project. If you are an owner considering or have an immediate requirement to erect a pool fence there are some basic but critical issues to consider.

Firstly DO NOT just obtain a few quotes then go ahead with the cheapest or easiest quote.The fence contractor will obviously maximise the metres of fence to be installed costing you an unnecessary expense. Always retain the services of an experienced Pool Safety Inspector to advise what would be compliant including mapping out the area on site with the inspector of where you would like the fence installed.I have inspected over 1,000 backyard pools and have saved owners thousands of dollars by suggesting certain areas that don’t require fencing, yet still comply. An example is permanently blocking off a screen sliding door being the most common.There are dozens of ways the fence can be configured to your satisfaction whilst also being compliant and saving you money.

Under the new laws no Development Application need to be lodged with the council as long as a Pool Safety Inspector is engaged within 3 months of completion.The same applies for DIY.For $149 I provide a service that protects and minimises your overall investment. This includes a pre inspection, the final inspection, any other onsite visits required, andyour Pool Safety Certificate (Government charge of $33.20).

Getting the right advice from the outset will save you a lot of pain and further expense later down the track.