Consult a Pool Safety Inspector – It Could Save You thousands!

Consult a Pool Safety Inspector – It Could Save You thousands!

I’ve commented in my previous blog posts about the need to consult a qualified Pool Safety Inspector prior to building a pool fence or prior to purchasing a property that has a swimming pool. I recently read about a case where a home owner purchased a property knowing there was no pool safety certificate and did not realise how much they would be up for to get one. Unfortunately the fence did not comply and it cost this home owner in excess of $15,000 to rectify the problem. I hate to say it but a relatively small investment of less than $150 could have saved the family a lot of heart ache and money.

It still amazes me to see this happening! I’ve been active in sharing my concerns with relevant bodies including The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Queensland (SPASA) to suggest ways in which communicating better information will assist pool owners. You can read about the story I mentioned and some interesting comments including my own by clicking the link below. My advice is to simply make the ph call at the very least and get some qualified advice.

Buyers Beware of Pool Fence Trap – Cairns home buyer stuck with $15,000 bill to make an existing pool fence comply with current pool safety standards.

As we move into the Christmas and New Year break I want to wish my valued customers and everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy yourselves around your swimming pools in this magnificent weather and be safe.

Best wishes for the season………………….Zoltan!