30th November 2015 is The Deadline

30th November 2015 is The Deadline

This date is the absolute deadline when all pools must meet the standard.The standard is a lengthy document which can be confusing to the inexperienced so my advice is don’t take the chance, you may get it wrong, get the right advice. It’s also important not to leave contracting a pool fence builder too close the 2015 deadline. The demand and pure economics will dictate whether you will have one completed in time, and the demand will no doubt escalate prices. The sooner you do it the cheaper it will be.

There is one compelling point to make to meet the deadline -NO COMPLIANCE MEANS NOINSURANCE COVER if there is an immersion or accident. Apart from the safety aspect which a pool fence provides, no family wants to endure the legal process that may result from an unfortunate incident. For your own peace of mind I’d prefer you to call me, I’m happy give you the right advice over the phone and discuss what needs to be done to make your pool compliant.

It’s always satisfying to hear from my customers after I’ve completed Pool Safety Inspections. I thought to share a few comments from some happy people.

“Fortunately I contacted Zoltan before the fence builder started and he saved me over $3000. Thanks for the good advice”

Currumbin Waters

“Thanks Zoltan, prompt, good advice, great service and you saved me some money. Highly recommended”

Broadbeach Waters

“Thanks for the advice. The 90 days after settlement to obtain a safety certificate was a worry as funds were low and we needed a fence.Zoltan’s advice enabled us to complete it in time and being new to the coast recommended my services as a paver from which I obtained some work. Very grateful”